X if it’s true that the ancient founders chose the site after consulting the omens, then, and also because we have lived there a long time, the place is so sacred to us that we cannot abandon it.
X about
without architecture,
there would be no
without architecture,
there would be no "brick"
para aquellos que no regresan en vida, siempre está la muerte / Veronica Gaona

plight of the Albatross / Connie Fu
science at the club: putrefaction as an artistic medium / Angel Lartigue
parábola ii /
Juan Betancurth and Alejandro Penagos
to excavate is to destroy / Angel Lartigue
aesthetics of mobility /
GeoVanna Gonzalez and Najja Moon
la tierra tuya es una digna sepultura /
Antonia, Jessica Carolina Gonzalez, Veronica Gaona, Erick Zambrano, and Junior Fernandez
PARÁBOLA II / Alejandro Penagos and Juan Betancurth
Thu, June 24, 10pm – 11pm

PARÁBOLA II is part of a series of ongoing actions created by artists Juan Betancurth and Alejandro Penagos. The objective of these actions is to propose experiments that exist within a specific time and space that is agreed between the artists, the curator and the space itself. Instead of focusing on a finalized piece, Betancurth and Penagos artistic process seeks to formalize their dialogues and sketches in front of a public. Risk, vulnerability, and experimentation are important elements when presenting their actions. Their collaborative work is based on mutual trust and respect for each other's practices, the combination of Betancurth's interest in sculptural objects alongside Penagos' bodywork produces a broad and highly meditative visual experience.
For, without architecture, there would be no stonewall; without architecture, there would be no “brick”, the artists have chosen to work with the sonic elements of a bell, the bell functions like a call or an alert that invites people to congregate. Betancurth and Penagos appropriate the bell as a common symbol within many cultures to gather the voices that have been and continue to be systematically silenced.
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